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Great job, Mary! I need help in my basement...

Sharon O

wow that looks like mine, only I have about 40 dolls to get rid of and not sure how. Anyone know of a doll collector? Also I have lots of 'stuff' not hoarded but placed in that poor spare bedroom. That definately is on my TO GET DONE list for the fall.


You have a guest room? Quick put a girly in there. :P


We will be there soon!!!!!

Julie Robison

Our guest room is "that" room too... it looks great, Mary!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

I m so thankful that our children will get to know each other!
I love you, my friend. We can't wait to see you all.


Saturday is the Tackle It day in our household. One of my betes noir is the constant purchases from Amazon that arrive in cardboard boxes. The boxes are then left all over the house -- on the kitchen table, in my sewing room, at the front door -- wherever someone opened the package. And they seem too useful to just recycle them right away. Eventually I do recycle them, after a shorter or longer ripening period for them to really get on my nerves.

Your results were very impressive! The After bedroom looks beautiful.


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