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Just went through the same thing Mary, with a second call back. Everything is fine, but I'm stuck with big bills and we supposedly have good insurance. Roy had to have MRI, etc. and is now seeing a specialist, so more bills, EVEN THOUGH WE PAY A TON for insurance. I also had skin cancer recently and am still paying those bills. Glad you got the all clear!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith


I am convinced insurance is great if you dont use it. If you really need it, you are out of luck.

Peace be with you,

Join me @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Sharon O

WE have a 80/20 meaning we pay the 20% which can be very difficult if you have anything really major. We also have a major medical that will kick in if it IS major so we have a bill but not horribly high. This year we have used all our benefits wisely with my husband having shoulder surgery and two ER visits the rest of the year was covered other than our co pays. I even did a colon test which I didn't want, since it was fully covered it was a good choice to do it this year and not next year. Anything to do with doctor's is not my favorite thing to do.


So very glad to hear that you got this done and done. YAY! for healthy.

Bozena O'Neill

Glad you are OK!

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