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LOL!!! oh Rick, it TG was just about the cooking? this would be the way to go.

We had a Canadian TG#2 here yesterday. It was pretty easy over all. House got cleaned, and Turkey did it thing in the Spa (shhh don't tell him it's the oven). Potatoes boiled, smash and done, Carrots boiled and done, gravy made and bam it's a meal. We did Carrot Cake vs pie though... Pie maybe one thing I'd delegate to the store bought variety.

Sharon O

Great post and thanks for the ideas. We did cook the whole meal this time, our daughter in law brought the pies. We had a good time.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Thanks Sharon, Rick was having fun witha little tongue in cheek humor, he is always encouraging me to do less, and enjoy more.

Peace be with you,

Join me @ A Simple Twist of Faith


LOL I did it all, except cleaning.... The nice thing about only having two guys over who are used to restaurants and didn't mind the mess during their homemade dinner. And I sent the leftovers home with them.
Laughing as usual!

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