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I asked the boys about this % discussion. Oldest just shrugged, Middle says hereditary. HA! and youngest just looked at me weird. He's 7.

I think a lot of it comes from "how" you are brought up. I think that some families are just debbie downers.

Sharon O

I do believe happiness is a choice. One can have deep contentment but happiness is often based on circumstance.
It would be an interesting bible study to see what the word says about 'Happy'.


I loved this post. It made me think and examine myself too. My husband always tells me he doesn't understand why I am always unhappy. I just looked into myself because of this posting and I think it's because I can't fix everyone else's problems and that is my biggest problem. I cannot move my loved ones closer or fix their finances or make things better in any way and that frustrates me and I become unhappy. That is ME making ME unhappy but I had never seen it that way before. However, sometimes when we are locked into a situation that we have no control over whatsoever, then I think unhappiness comes from outside. You can't always make lemonade out of a lemon situation but that 10% is the trial we have to overcome to be happy. (And I don't believe the 50% of heredity either. I think it's a 50% personality thing rather than heredity.) It sure made me think about it though.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

I agree personality plays a big role, I guess I link personality and heredity together -meaning you are born with it. But having 40% be a choice, choosing happiness, that is something I want to really work this year.

Peace be with you,

Join me @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Headless Mom

It's like the saying "You can't choose your circumstances but you can choose your reaction to those circumstances." Interesting thing: I've found it easier to be happy(er) in yucky circumstances now that my kids are older and don't take so much hands-on care. I wonder what the researchers would say about that!

God Bless!

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