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YES. This. It's a lesson that is constantly brought home to me.

Bozena O'Neill

It is all worth it. Even sometimes you don't see "an end"to it!
Glad you are writing on your blog ,Mary.

Sharon O

So true, we do the watering, planting, nurturing, giving roots for them to grow and the rest of the maturing process is all about them.
As a mom of 'adult' children, I have learned to let go and allow God to give them natural choices and consequences and it is a BLESSING to say ... they turned out wonderful. Not without issues or heart aches at times, but they are both wonderful mature adults.
God will honor your choice to be with your 'daughters' and he will bless you in abundant ways. Praying for the journey ahead of you.

Headless Mom

The same thing happens with our daughter. We may be ok parents, but it was definitely God's grace and love that brought her to the place she is today. She has the heart of a missionary, and only God can give that to someone. We're so proud of her but not because of us, but because we're honored to be able to have a front row seat in her life!


I do think that a positive and moral example makes a huge impact on the end result.

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